VoxMachina is a revolutionary trading algorithm tool, that operates on the one-minute timeframe of most assets ranging from cryptocurrencies to stocks. This real-time snappy trading companion is going to be available on Windows, Mac, and through the Tradespect dashboard for Pro users. So what is VoxMachina? Using the most advanced machine learning and real-time statistical algorithms, VoxMachina on the one-minute and other quickly moving timeframes will, in real-time give highly accurate top and bottom calls on the charts. This is not just some basic TradingView indicator, no with VoxMachina we're giving it all we got. 

Besides that, VoxMachina measures it's calls against its profit and losses keeping a track record, showing real-time backtesting results from the past month's performance to even the performance of the last hour. This revolutionary tool will break the bounds and limitation of what people thought was possible with AI-trading. VoxMachina isn't just designed to make you profits, its designed to change your life. 

Oh and by the way, VoxMachina Companion (Windows/Mac) might be able to execute these calls for you in real-time? Stay tuned for more details, these details will be released to the public as progress is made. However, we know that VoxMachina will be launched this year 2024. Thank you for being a Tradespect client, and we hope this innovation will shock not only you but the world of algorithmic trading as we know it.