AI-Powered trade ideas that are so good, you'll never want to trade without them again.

Full-featured stock reversal analytics

Tradespect is packed with features that help you find the best trade ideas and increase your profitability in the US markets. Here are a few awesome features you're going to love!

Maximize your investments

A sophisticated feature that identifies stock trend reversals, capturing market tops and bottoms across thousands of options

Real-time market insights

Stay ahead with a feature that delivers entry and exit signals to optimize your investment strategy.

Experience automated trading success

Our software's self-learning algorithm adapts to market conditions for optimized trade decisions.

AI Risk Profiles

Elevate your trading with AI-generated stop losses and take profits for 70%+ probability trade ideas, backed by advanced data analysis.

Unlock hidden liquidity

Our platform provides users with access to block orders and dark pool data, allowing them to track large trades and make informed investment decisions.

Experience AI-driven investing

Our platform's AI portfolio provides users with real-time insights into the performance of trades executed by our advanced algorithms.

Capitalize on trend reversals

Our top and bottom catcher feature identifies stocks that have recently topped or bottomed, giving users the opportunity to make profitable reversal trades.

Empower your Discord community

Our customizable Discord bot provides server owners with high probability trade alerts, helping members stay informed and capitalize on market opportunities.

Get a comprehensive market view

Our Zones feature allows users to see the upper and lower price range for a given stock as determined by the options market.

Profit off pair trades

Our platform's pair trading feature helps users find stocks with spread differentials, enabling them to profit from both long and short positions simultaneously.

Take advantage of high probability trades

Our platform updates trades daily with up to 100 new trade ideas per week, offering users a steady stream of opportunities with a probability of success greater than 70%.

Flip the script on market trends

Our platform's contrarian logic feature allows users to identify highly overextended stocks and profit from short positions, providing an alternative strategy to buying at market tops.

The Best AI-Driven Trade Ideas Publicly Available

Tradespect harnesses a strategy rooted in statistical extremes, using our custom indicators to sift through thousands of stocks. We pinpoint those at the absolute extremes on either end of the spectrum. Subsequently, an AI layer assesses and rates each stock based on its potential success.

A snapshot our flagship Top Trades product:

  • High-Probability Trades: Poised for reversal on the daily timeframe.
  • Risk Management: AI-optimized stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Trade Assurance: Real-time monitoring of entry and exit on major timeframes.
  • Prime US Stocks: Focusing on highly liquid stocks with a vast market cap from Nasdaq & NYSE.
  • Daily Extension Analysis: AI-rated confidence levels indicating potential tops or bottoms.
  • Interactive Features: View unusual options, dark pool orders, insider trades, and more.
  • Proven Success: 70% win rate on trade ideas.
  • Abundant Opportunities: Hundreds of high AI-confidence trade ideas per week.

A contrarian approach that has you buying low & selling high

While many products guide you to follow existing trends, Tradespect helps you capture trend reversals as they unfold, enabling you to capitalize on the entire movement within the daily timeframe.

Understanding the Power of Contrarian Logic:

  • Stocks at statistical extremes typically exhibit a strong inclination to reverse direction.
  • Smart money strategies involve selling at peak highs and buying at extreme lows.
  • Contrarian traders focus not on the ongoing trend, but on its impending conclusion.
  • The most substantial profits arise from capturing entire trends from their peak to their trough.
  • With our approach, you won't have to fret about entering a trend only to see it immediately reverse – a common pitfall with trade ideas from other platforms.
  • Instead of buying into the hype, invest in oversold conditions pre-hype. Remember, market players often reap the highest rewards when selling at the height of such hype.

Glance at critical & hidden data on any stock

Tradespect consolidates crucial data into a single accessible pop-up, termed the "QuickGlance." Available for any ticker across the platform, this feature allows you to effortlessly view pivotal information about the stock, empowering you to make well-informed decisions based on your analysis.

An overview of QuickGlance features:

  • Dark Pool and Equity Block Orders Displayed Visually
  • Unusual Options Orders Highlighted
  • Enhanced Charting Tools
  • Visualized Graph of Insider Trades
  • Convenient Cheat Sheets
  • Cycle Analysis (Coming Soon)
  • Two-Decade Seasonality Insights (Coming Soon)
  • AI-Predicted Price Forecasts (Coming Soon)

Options expected moves made visual

Observe over 20 major assets and evaluate their prices based on expected moves using the options market's implied volatility. Use the upper and lower bounds as potential support and resistance markers. Determine when a stock or asset is overvalued or undervalued based on options IV.

An overview of the Zones tool:

  • Observe a progress bar, transitioning from green to red, indicating the extent to which an asset's price is overextended relative to its expected moves.
  • Identify upper and lower bounds that often serve as potential support or resistance points.
  • Examine these ranges for expected moves on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
  • Effortlessly assess the health of major ETFs, indices, and stocks without any manual calculations.
  • Consider taking a trade in the opposite direction when an asset appears significantly overpriced or underpriced, as guided by the colored progress bars.

Gain insights into smart-money on major indices and crypto

We offer contrarian "smart-money" Buy or Sell gauges, grounded in a dependable suite of contrarian indicators. This insight reveals the positions "smart-money" is adopting at current price levels across various assets.

An overview of the Asset Hub and Crypto Health:

  • Track the "smart-money" indicators for 5+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Anticipate Algo Trade buy and sell levels (Coming Soon).
  • Keep tabs on the sophisticated "smart-money" indicators for over 20 assets, including indices and ETFs such as SPY, QQQ, IWM, and others.
  • These reputable indicators boast a strong track record of pinpointing market peaks and troughs, guiding you to buy at significant lows and sell at pronounced highs.
  • Align with smart-money strategies: don't get caught off guard by news, events, or market panics. Recognize the data-driven opportunities to buy or sell.

What our clients say

Where the Trading Community Thrives Together. Crafted by Seasoned Traders with a Lifetime of Experience, Catering to Retail Traders of All Levels.

“Tradespect stands out as the singular tool in the market that employs contrarian logic. I had been on the hunt for a tool to pinpoint the peaks and troughs in stocks, and this is unquestionably that remarkable instrument. I've grown weary of chasing trending moves, so it's refreshing that Tradespect excels in identifying trend breaks and reversals!”


Matthew DeLuca

Alternative Investments Analyst

“Tradespect not only doubled my portfolio size but also obviated the need for subscriptions to multiple analytics platforms. It's a genuine game-changer. Truly, it's the all-in-one solution I required and has become the primary tool in my trading arsenal.”


Alex M.

Swing Trader and Discord Member

“Tradespect was originally created as a personal project to enhance my trading profits. However, as we continually refined it over the years, it became so effective that we felt the public should benefit from the platform's insights. Our aim is to help traders achieve the best profitability possible.”



Options Trader and Founder

Tradespect Pricing

Unlock the power of Tradespect AI with affordable prices for retail investors.

$0 per month


Secure a permanent, grandfathered-in free account—availability is limited. Try out Tradespect's features and tools, receiving the top few AI-Driven Short and Long ideas daily at no cost. Plus, enjoy limited access to our Top and Bottom catchers and explore additional features. No card required.

  • Tradespect's foundational tools
  • Limited access to trade ideas
  • View our highest-performing users
  • Simulate trade ideas ($200K Balance)
  • Access the Asset Hub & Crypto Health
  • Access the Zones Tool
$80 per month


Experience the power of Tradespect Premium in your trading flow. Unlock all high value features and get an edge in the US markets covering AI screening and AI-Powered trade ideas across 5,000 stocks.

  • Full access to Top Trades featuring hundreds of trade ideas daily
  • Full access to the QuickGlance
  • Access the Real-time Monitor
  • Full access to the Top & Bottom Catcher v1
  • Simulate trade ideas ($1M Balance)
  • Access trade alerts
$179 per month


Upgrade to Pro and harness the full strength of Tradespect's AI, potentially elevating your trading profits by up to 44%* (as evidenced in our case studies). Become part of our exclusive circle of Pro Users achieving returns of 20-40% monthly.

  • Unlimited Top Trades & Real-time Monitor
  • Unlimited QuickGlance Quota
  • Top & Bottom Catcher v2
  • Unlock the Penny Stock Squeeze Tool
  • Access to Trading Bot
  • Full access new features and more
  • Discord Bot for server owners
  • Simulate trades ($5M Balance)

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Frequently asked questions.
Answers to most frequently asked questions

Does Tradespect provide financial advice?

Tradespect is a data-driven platform and does not provide financial advice. We generate trade ideas algorithmically based on various indicators and provide users with valuable market data. While we offer stop loss levels to limit downside risk, the ultimate decision and responsibility for executing trades lies with the user. You can further investigate any stock on our platform by accessing its data, such as unusual options flow, dark pool data, insider trading orders, and more.

Is Tradespect a scam?

Tradespect is not a scam. It is a data-driven AI trade idea generator and stock analysis software designed for educational purposes. We do not recommend specific stocks or provide investment advice. The platform assists traders by providing data on stocks that are likely to reverse based on statistical extremes and the concept of reversion to the mean. It is important to note that trading involves risks, and users should exercise proper risk management when making trading decisions.

What does Tradespect do?

Tradespect monitors over a thousand stocks in the US markets, focusing on high liquidity and large market cap stocks. We analyze various variables, including price movements, using a normal Gaussian distribution over a 12-day period. This allows us to identify tops and bottoms by measuring price deviations beyond a standard deviation of 2 or more. We specialize in contrarian indicators and our trading approach revolves around shorting tops and longing bottoms. Tradespect does not follow trending moves.

How many trade ideas can Tradespect generate?

Tradespect can generate up to 200 trade ideas per week, depending on market volatility. Higher volatility in the stock market leads to more trade ideas, while a flat market with fewer stocks at extremes may result in fewer opportunities for reversals.

Why does Tradespect focus on reversals?

At Tradespect, we believe that swing trading on the daily timeframe is where you can potentially make the most profit. By focusing on reversals, we aim to capture the full trending move of a stock until its next reversal occurs. Daily trend reversals typically last more than 10 days, and trading on this timeframe reduces noise and allows for better position management. It offers traders the opportunity to hold positions for one week to three months without constant monitoring.

What other data does Tradespect provide on a stock?

Tradespect strives to provide comprehensive information when presenting a stock idea. In addition to trade ideas, we offer data on dark pool orders, equity block orders, insider orders, unusual options orders, seasonality, dominant cycles, and more. We do not rely on fundamental data as we prioritize price action in our analysis.

Do you offer Discord Bots?

Yes, we offer a Discord bot for Pro users. The bot allows you to add our alert bot to your Discord community, enabling users to receive the latest trade ideas from our Top and Bottom catchers. However, it is essential for users to conduct their own analysis and make informed decisions before executing trades. The Discord bot serves as a convenient tool to stay updated with trade ideas from Tradespect.

Is Tradespect suitable for beginner traders?

Tradespect can be used by traders of various experience levels, including beginners. Our platform provides educational resources and trade ideas to assist traders in their decision-making process. However, it is important for beginners to thoroughly understand the risks involved in trading and to start with smaller position sizes while gradually gaining experience.

Can Tradespect be used for day trading?

While Tradespect focuses more on swing trading and capturing longer-term trends, it can still be utilized by day traders. The platform provides valuable data and trade ideas that can be adapted to shorter timeframes. Day traders can utilize the information provided by Tradespect to identify potential intraday reversals or to supplement their own trading strategies.

How accurate are the trade ideas generated by Tradespect?

The accuracy of trade ideas generated by Tradespect cannot be guaranteed, although we provide a score called “AI Confidence” which can give you an idea of potential accuracy of the trade idea. The market is inherently unpredictable, and trading involves risks. While Tradespect utilizes statistical extremes and contrarian indicators to identify potential reversals, it is essential for users to exercise their own judgment, conduct further analysis, and consider risk management strategies before executing trades.

Can Tradespect be used for options trading?

Yes, Tradespect can be used for options trading. The platform provides data on unusual options orders, which can be valuable information for options traders. However, it is important for options traders to have a solid understanding of options trading strategies and associated risks before incorporating Tradespect's data into their decision-making process.

Does Tradespect provide real-time data?

Tradespect provides near-real-time data. However, please note that there may be a slight delay in the data displayed on the platform. It is always recommended to verify the current market conditions and prices through your preferred trading platform or data provider before making trading decisions.

Can Tradespect be used for trading stocks outside the US markets?

Currently, Tradespect focuses on monitoring stocks in the US markets. The platform primarily analyzes stocks with high liquidity and large market capitalization listed in US exchanges. While the concepts and indicators used by Tradespect may apply to other markets, the data and trade ideas generated are primarily tailored to the US stock market.

Does Tradespect offer a free trial?

Yes, Tradespect offers a free trial for users to explore and experience the platform's features. The free trial period allows users to access a limited set of trade ideas and data. For more comprehensive access to trade ideas and additional features, there is a Pro subscription available for a fee.

How can I contact Tradespect's customer support?

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach Tradespect's customer support team by using the chat icon on the lower right of your screen. Our dedicated support team will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the platform or its features.